Tech for Social Prescribing in the US

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What about the US?

SDoH Tech

  • Unite Us — is a social service referral platform. They partnered with Kaiser Permanente and plan to eventually reach all of Kaiser’s 12 million members. They integrate with current healthcare technologies, tracking of referral completion, analytics, and decision support for clinicians. Unite Us also helps the medical systems develop their local referral network and onboard partners.
  • Healthify — Originating from Baltimore health clinics, Healthify has similar features to Unite Us; they emphasize collecting data needed for Accountable Care Organizations and Medicaid reimbursements. An early case study at Reading Hospital showed success: $1M savings in emergency medical care costs, 15% reduction in Medicare and Medicaid emergency visits, 15% reduction in emergency department costs. As for scale, Healthify 53 employs (listed on Linkedin) while Unite Us claims 225.
  • NowPow — Dr. Stacy Lindau out of University of Chicago made “e-prescribing” community resources “as easy as medication”. The tool auto-refers patients to community resources based on needs in their medical record. The tool has been studied in an RTC (2018, AJPH). NowPow frames the service as “self-care” and allows app referral partners to get a shared view of the patient.
  • Aunt Bertha — allows you to find social services for free by zip code and is integrated into EMR software at the healthcare behemoth Epic.
  • MAPSCorpstrains youth to produce high quality data on community assets. This is an initiative also led by Dr. Lindau of NowPow.
  • UnitedWay 211toll free call service that helps connect people to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • FoodFinder helps you find food pantries in your zip code.

Medicare & Medicaid

  • Uno healthspecializes in enrolling Medicare members in state and federal cash assistance they are eligible for. Insurers can capture the $8 billion a year risk adjustment revenue not being captured by the 30% of medicare patients who go unenrolled.

Social Connection Tech

  • Wider Circlebrings “neighborhood health” to 135 communities. Through escalating involvement, facilitators organize in-person neighbor groups. The neighbors help each other navigate care and support each other.
  • Revel — a new startup building relationships and community for women over 50. I spoke to the founder and they are working on getting user reimbursement from health plans.
  • Papa, Inc — partnered with Humana to provide “family on demand.” They pair college students with older adults to assist with everyday tasks
  • Marigold Health — combines relatability of peer support groups with clinical mental health and substance use care.
  • ClubHouse– an app for drop-in audio conversations. Join a conversation or start your own
  • Group Therapy — looking for platforms and providers
  • Peer Support Groups — looking for platforms and providers

Research Platforms

  1. Geographic data on SDoH: economic status, environmental influence, social and economic vulnerabilities
  2. Geographic data on illness: heart/kidney/chronic disease, disabilities, HIV




2x Founder. Community Organizer. Educator

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Daniel Morse

Daniel Morse

2x Founder. Community Organizer. Educator

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